Corvette C8 Stingray Legacy Front CanardsCorvette C8 Stingray Legacy Front CanardsCorvette C8 Stingray Legacy Front CanardsCorvette C8 Stingray Legacy Front CanardsCorvette C8 Stingray Legacy Front CanardsCorvette C8 Stingray Legacy Front Canards

Corvette C8 Stingray Legacy Front Canards

Starting at: $899.00

  • Manufactured by: C7 Carbon


C8 Corvette Stingray Legacy Front Canards


  • Aerospace grade closed moulding construction with advanced composites
  • Exposed Carbon Fiber surface, UV Automotive clear coated and then hand wet sanded and polished.
  • Our Legacy Canards are the ultimate add on to your C8 Stingray to help provide downforce and direct airflow.
  • CDF model tested
  • Ready to install.
  • Light weight.
  • Our products are tested and verified  with CFD analysis for optimum results and aerodynamic efficiency.

  • Quality and Craftmanship,  Built in house at our own dedicated manufacturing facility where we build all of our products to maintain a meticulous quality standard.  All of our painted products go through a 3 Stage clear coat and finishing process to ensure a lasting gloss finish that will provide years of protection for your product.  All of our painted products are sprayed with a premium automotive UV clear coat.

  • Finish Option:
    - Carbon Fiber  reinforced with high grade composite material.  Our premium carbon fiber comes UV Clear coated with high quality automotive clear that yeilds a extremely high gloss finish.
    - Hand polished and sanded to achive a long lasting beautiful finish


  • The C7 Carbon difference:

  • We are one of the few manufactures that purchases all the cars we build products for.  Our advanced design team has years of engineering experience with composites, and allows us to offer the best quality products for you car.

  • Our inhouse design department scans in all of the cars we are working with and creates cad files from the scans to create a digital twin of the car so we have accurate measurements for our design and production concepts and fixtures.  We constantly improve our tooling and product versions to offer the best products possible for our customers.

    Our dedication to quality has allowed C7 Carbon to become a world leader in manufacturing automotive products.  We have cutomers across the world running our products.


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